Smart Mobility

In the dynamic landscape of smart mobility, TEC LinkUp stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. We specialize in seamlessly connecting the dots, bringing forth the right subject matter experts, and leveraging key stakeholders in this perpetually evolving environment.

This strategic approach is precisely tailored to address the pressing challenges currently faced by Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing industries. With our assistance, businesses not only stay ahead, but flourish in the fiercely competitive technology market landscape.

Welcome to a new era of technological excellence with TEC LinkUp


Transformation through Transition


Business strategy consulting in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry involves providing guidance and expertise to companies operating in or entering the electric mobility sector.

Engineering / Solutioning

Electric Vehicle (EV) engineering solutioning involves addressing challenges specific to the design, development, and optimization of electric vehicles

Strategic Partnership

TeclinkUp enables the collaborative efforts between government entities and industries extend beyond mere financial support, involving the development of infrastructure, formulation of clear regulatory guidelines, and the creation of a conducive environment for innovation.


The ability to swiftly acquire new skills has transformed from a mere request to a fundamental survival technique demanded by the market, and we are at the forefront of this evolution.

Liaison with Government Institutions

Establishing effective communication and collaboration with government bodies can facilitate a smoother transition, ensure compliance with regulations, and create an environment conducive to innovation.

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